[AMRadio] Winter Solstice AM Broadcast Propagation recollections

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Tue Dec 20 10:17:33 EST 2016

*** Boas Festas ***

José Silva / CT1AXG

Enviado do Correio para Windows 10

De: Alejandro Lieber
Enviado: 20 de dezembro de 2016 14:15
Para: amradio at mailman.qth.net
Assunto: Re: [AMRadio] Winter Solstice AM Broadcast Propagation recollections

I live in Argentina. In the 80 's my father brought an Ampex tape 
recorder in the USA. Before leaving N.Y. to return to Argentina, he 
recorded 10 tapes with WQRX FM classic music. That's why I became 
acquainted with the station. It has always been very difficult to hear 
classical music in the radio in my country, although in my 1.000.000 
city we have regularly 5 classical live performances per week.

I have a home page in Internet, where I have a direct link to WKSU and 
WQXR. Some of my friend log to WQXR though this page:


Another interesting page I have is:

"Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map foF2"


Can you guess the music included in the page? (you need Flash)

Ing Alejandro Lieber
Rosario Argentina

On 12/20/2016 04:34 AM, Oliver Steiner wrote:
> I was born in late 1943, and heard New York City classical music
> station WQXR virtually 24/7 from the little Emerson AM broadcast radio
> that sat atop the refrigerator in my parents kitchen.  Raised on mass
> doses of classical music, I came to love it, and was very pleased to
> be able to hear it at night when my work took me to Portland, ME,
> Western PA, Rochester, NY and then Atlanta. (This was before the
> internet and web sites with streaming audio.)  Hearing WQXR from these
> various locations was possible because WQXR was one of the very few
> classical music stations in the country that then had an AM outlet (on
> 1560 KHz) as well as their FM station on 96.3 MHz.  My love of
> classical music ultimately resulted in my going into it as my life's
> profession.  (I'm now a semi-retired classical violinist and teacher.)
>   Three guesses as to why I chose the call W2QXR when vanity licensing
> came in!!
> Ollie
> http://oliversteiner.com
> On 12/20/16, Lee <L at w0vt.us> wrote:

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