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Tue Dec 20 16:04:46 EST 2016

Actually, the Extra Class ranks increased by 68.0K from Dec 1999 to Sept.
The General Class ranks increased by 61.8K during the same time frame.
The Tech Class ranks only increased by 33.4K during the same time frame.
So, licensees with lots of HF privileges, increased by 129.8K during the
same time frame.

I doubt "no-coders" have anything to do with less perceived activity.
50 years ago there were generally 3 main modes, CW, AM, and SSB.
Today, the list of available modes is a mile long. Over the last 15
years, numerous
digital modes have gained in popularity along with some obscure modes
interest. Plus, there is probably a large subset of licensees whose main
interest is 
contesting and DX chasing and have little interest in day-to-day idle
chit-chat in any mode. Today
there are other amateur related on-the-air activities that might be
time/day/week defined that
further reduces the number of idle chit-chat QSO's. Amateur radio
activities are a lot more
varied today then they were back in the "good of days". As we move
forward in the 21st
century, I find it easier and less unsettling not to look back as to how
it was in the past since it's
difficult to repeat the past and the players are always changing.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 20 Dec 2016 10:30:40 -0500 Jim Tonne <Tonne at Comcast.net> writes:
> Don:
> I think a good number of those "700,000 plus" are no-coders that 
> have a 
> Chinese handi-talki
> on their belts.  They are on two meters and above.  Sad.
> - JimT W4ENE

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