[AMRadio] Winter Solstice AM Broadcast Propagation recollections

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Dec 20 20:59:39 EST 2016

> Times change, but there will probably never be another amalgamation of
> technology and pop culture to equal AM Radio in the rock and roll era, and
> while the US AM stations large and small played the most visible role, the
> notion of a DJ sitting in a shack out in the Mexican desert with rock and
> blasting and sparks flying off the tower on a humid night sounds like
> 73, Bob W9RAN

Reportedly, even back then before the drug gangs got a foothold in Mexico,
XER/XERA/XERF had armed guards patrolling the premises, going all way back
to the days of Dr Brinkley. 

The station is still on the air, but at greatly reduced power, all in
Spanish, broadcasting to a domestic audience.  They can occasionally be
heard in the background mixed in with carriers from all the other stations
using the frequency at night.

Don k4kyv

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