[AMRadio] Winter Solstice AM Broadcast Propagation recollections

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Dec 23 14:42:59 EST 2016

> > How about, I'm checking out now and am "Going to Go Modulate the
> > Pillow."  We didn't have antennas.  We had aerials. We had Radio Sets.
> > We had condensers.  We had "C' batteries for BIAS.  "Your signal is
> > sooo smooth, it's like Sawdust Through a Tin Horn!"
> >
> > Lee, w0vt

And you would never hear anyone say that they were using a "home brew
dipole". The words "home brew" were reserved for building gear such as
transmitters, receivers, antenna tuners,  amplifiers, etc. Building a dipole
from a roll of wire,  a few insulators and roll of feed line was a given.
You never said you "Home Brewed" your wire antenna.

Don k4kyv

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