[AMRadio] Can you have Class D and Class E tube amps?

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 06:36:11 EST 2016

Unless I am mistaken the Continental 314 was a class D tube rig.

The 314 employed three 3-500Zs--two in the final PA and one as a switch.

It was a 1000 watt medium wave AM broadcast transmitter and there are
a few that have been converted to ham radio by hams who know how to do

The thing about that rig that sort of makes me think twice is that the
h.v. supply is 8 KV.  I don't know enough about class D to tell you
why.  Of course with lower power, it might not be so high.  I'm okay
with high voltage but beyond 5 or 6 KV there can be surprises.

I know of no class E tube rig and I don't know anything about class E
and D but study the
Continental 314 design.



> I am a UK ham experimenting in a costly way with FET based PA Class D
> and Class E amplifiers on LF (136kHz). My naive question is can a tube
> based amp run Class D or E, or are the modes limited to
> semiconductor amplifiers at these or any other frequencies? Thanks,
> slightly off topic I know, but I believe you AM aficionados know about
> this sort of thing? Thanks and a happy Christmas and a healthy and
> prosperous new year to all. 2E0ILY

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