[AMRadio] Watch for FCC's response to ARRL's 3600-3650 petition

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Feb 9 14:37:45 EST 2016

They might just sit on this indefinitely and take no action, but their first
positive step would be to either formally dismiss the petition out of hand,
or else assign it an RM-number and accept public comments.  Then, after the
comment period closes they could still dismiss the petition, but they MIGHT
decide that it has sufficient merit to release a NPRM (Notice of Proposed
Rulemaking). Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the FCC's proposed
change would be the same as what the ARRL requested, and the process up to
this point could take  months or even years.

Still, in the event of an official NPRM, the AM community would do well to
carefully examine the wording.  Effectively, this would point to an open
admission by the FCC that they initially made an erroneous rulemaking
decision (to expand the 75m phone band down to 3550), and that they now
propose to correct the error.

This would set a powerful precedent for reversing or clarifying the AM power
issue that arose with the change from the DC input to the output power
standard.  Normally, the FCC is loath to admit any substantive error in
their rulemaking decisions, so to further consider the ARRL petition would
clearly document a softening or breakdown of that disinclination.

Any thoughts?

Don k4kyv

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