[AMRadio] Watch for FCC's response to ARRL's 3600-3650 petition

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 19:19:24 EST 2016

> This would set a powerful precedent for reversing or clarifying the AM power
> issue that arose with the change from the DC input to the output power
> standard.  Normally, the FCC is loath to admit any substantive error in
> their rulemaking decisions, so to further consider the ARRL petition would
> clearly document a softening or breakdown of that disinclination.
> Any thoughts?

I see that point of view and it's probably every AMer's dream to have
the power limit go back to 1 KW input to the final, but it would
probably have to be a rule change for AM only as operators of other
modes would most likely want to stay with the status quo.   I have
doubts about FCC going with a special case power limit just for AM.

The other problem is that a move to reinstate the old power limit
might arouse wider AM opposition in general and open the door for
another call to ban AM entirely from some quarters.  So that's a
possible risk.

I want to give one opinion regarding the conduct of some AM operators
with regard to the regulatory climate we remain in and the seemingly
unending anti-AM sentiment from the usual suspects.  I believe the AM
community has to keep in mind that the continued allowance of AM as a
permitted emission in the U.S., is never guaranteed.  It is unwise to
take it for granted.  It has survived only due to the efforts of past
operators such as Don and others who filed pro-AM comments in FCC
proceedings, most recently the "regulation by bandwidth" debacle, and
requires a commitment from the members of the AM community to defend
it as a legal mode, in the future.  Therefore, the AM operators in the
U.S. benefit from unity.

Lately I have been hearing AM operators in the 75 meter "ghetto"
engaging with each other in petty disputes over claims of QRM,
accusations of excessive bandwidth, or alleged self centeredness
stemming from overly long transmissions, frequency hogging, and so on.
  I used to associate this sort of conduct with slopbucket operators.
This sort of thing is corrosive and harmful to unity amongst AM
operators, and I don't think we need it.  Such disputes should be
taken off the air and on-line with disputing parties remembering that
the fellow you battle will be faced at a hamfest some day, perhaps
Dayton in May.  A polite email will go a long way towards fixing

The on-air pissing and moaning about that and deliberate QRM (also a
bad thing to do) is evidence of the need to make use of that 50 kc
down below 3650.



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