[AMRadio] Watch for FCC's response to ARRL's 3600-3650 petition

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Feb 10 02:25:30 EST 2016

>>  Any thoughts?

> I see that point of view and it's probably every AMer's dream to have the
power limit go back to 1 KW input to the final, but it would probably have
to be a rule change for AM only as 
> operators of other modes would most likely want to stay with the status
quo.   I have doubts about FCC going with a special case power limit just
for AM.

One approach might be something on the order of what Canada  did, but the CW
and RTTY ops in the US benefitted from an approximately 3 dB increase under
the present standard and would undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to keep it,
plus the FCC would unlikely be interested in returning to any kind of a DC
input standard.  Here's the text of the current Canadian regulations:

Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service

10.2 Amateur Radio Operator Certificate with Basic and Advanced

The holder of an Amateur Radio Operator Certificate with Basic and Advanced
Qualifications is limited
to a maximum transmitting power of:

(a) where expressed as direct-current input power, 1,000 W to the anode or
collector circuit of the
transmitter stage that supplies radio frequency energy to the antenna; or
(b) where expressed as radio frequency output power measured across an
impedance-matched load,
(i) 2,250 W peak envelope power for transmitters that produce any type of
single sideband emission, or
(ii) 750 W carrier power for transmitters that produce any other type of


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