[AMRadio] Watch for FCC's response to ARRL's 3600-3650 petition

Douglas Burlew dburlew at nmax.net
Thu Feb 11 08:13:42 EST 2016

1. Don’t like the chances of this petition’s ultimate adoption. It hasn’t been long enough since this section of the band was opened for phone operation. FCC has to perpetuate their image of regulatory omnipotence. They can’t do that and reverse their position on a relatively recent ruling.

2. With Morse testing history and answers to the multiple-choice questions long in the public domain, those wishing to operate 3600-3650 should just expend the effort to pass the tests. Probably what the Commission will say.

3. Re: the adoption of the 1500 Watt p.e.p. power output limit of 25-30 years ago, sometimes it’s better to be content with half a loaf. With the FCC’s budgetary constraints and inattention to Amateur matters it’s apparent this rule hasn’t amounted to much. Amateur Enforcement is devoted to egregious violations of Part 97.  With a new power output limit petition there is no telling what the FCC would do with that. They could cut us in half and put us more on a par with the UK and Australia. 

Just my 3 cents.


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