[AMRadio] Broadcast rigs on eBay

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Feb 23 19:39:49 EST 2016

> Not cheap but I fear they'll wind up in a landfill:

At least they listed them on ePay, where someone who's actually interested
might see it.

I missed out by a few months on a mint condition BC1-F transmitter at a
station about 40 miles from here.  They listed its availability on Facebook,
and their only taker was a local resident who wanted to re-purpose the
cabinet to make a tool closet for his workshop.  All the inner components
were removed and the station owner sent them to a near-by metal recycler.
If my timing had been right, they probably would have given me  the iron and
other components for hauling it away, and the other guy would have been
welcome to have the cabinet.

Facebook and Craig's List are probably the most unlikely media for finding
someone interested in something like vintage radio equipment.  I'm sure if
they had listed it on ePay, or in some of the Broadcast or Amateur Radio
forums they would have found plenty of takers, and someone might have even
paid them some money for  the transmitter. I'm surprised that the owners of
a radio station didn't know any better.

Don k4kyv

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