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Thu Feb 25 08:59:05 EST 2016

Some of the SW BC stations have turned in their license and have gone to 
streaming.  3 phase 480 is not cheap for a 10 KW station, nor is maintenance 
for the TX and associated equipment.  I can't help but wonder how much 
longer some of the satellite channels will be around?  They are faced with a 
similar situation and if times get tough, they will have a hard time finding 
those per inquiry ads.


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If you really want any eye opener on just how the government can control a 
business, do research on starting your own commercial shortwave BC station. 
The days of a place to put an antenna and shack to put a transmitter in with 
an attached studio are long gone, initial investments can exceed several 
hundred thousand not including the TX and tower, the FCC reviews all plans 
including the handicap parking places, then throw in the fact that after 
reviewing the station format, the FCC may not grant you a license.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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