[AMRadio] The Future Of AM Broadcast Radio

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Feb 25 11:34:06 EST 2016

> I think it has to do with cleaning the trash out of the band.  In the
small town
> where I reside, the trash on the AM band from computers and the cable TV
> horrendous.  I hope they do get tough on that.
> Jim  W5JO

I totally agree.  There are already laws and regulations on the books to
curtail the garbage radiated from everything from consumer electronics junk
to power lines, but the FCC has shown limited interest in enforcing them.
Re-transmitting the program material on the FM band to circumvent this
interference is a cop-out that does nothing to "revitalise" the AM band.  In
fact, it will probably tend to hasten its demise as listeners discover they
suddenly can pick up the same signal more clearly on FM than on AM.

Another problem that the "revitalization" proceeding has so far failed to
address, is the crappy quality of most present day consumer-grade AM
receivers. The AM band is often a marginally performing afterthought hastily
tacked on to what was essentially designed as an FM-only receiver.

Don k4kyv

> -----Original Message-----
> But I don't see that re-transmitting the signal on FM  via "translators"
is doing
> anything to "revitalize" the AM band.
> Don k4kyv

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