[AMRadio] The Future Of AM Broadcast Radio

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 13:33:08 EST 2016

A lot of this has to do with who is a Commissioner.

It used to be years ago that FCC had people like radio engineers on
the Commission.

The Chairman is a guy from the cable TV industry who goes to the
consumer electronics show and sits around talking about smart phone
apps and other gadgets and seems to not even realize medium wave radio
exists.  FCC wants to gut radio spectrum with auctions as a transfer
to such things as WiFi.

The only reason AM radio still exists is because no one has figured
out a way to use it for sending and receiving smart phone and other
gadget data.  If some new high tech doo-dad ever comes out that is
popular and somehow needs HF or medium wave, FCC will do a spectrum
grab in a second and guys like us sitting around with analog tube gear
and microphones will be screwed.



> I totally agree.  There are already laws and regulations on the books to
> curtail the garbage radiated from everything from consumer electronics junk
> to power lines, but the FCC has shown limited interest in enforcing them.
> Re-transmitting the program material on the FM band to circumvent this
> interference is a cop-out that does nothing to "revitalise" the AM band.  In
> fact, it will probably tend to hasten its demise as listeners discover they
> suddenly can pick up the same signal more clearly on FM than on AM.
> Another problem that the "revitalization" proceeding has so far failed to
> address, is the crappy quality of most present day consumer-grade AM
> receivers. The AM band is often a marginally performing afterthought hastily
> tacked on to what was essentially designed as an FM-only receiver.

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