[AMRadio] The Future Of AM Broadcast Radio + 1

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 13:44:05 EST 2016

> It's a lot cheaper to stream a program over the internet than to transmit an
> RF signal,

Not sure about swbc but for local stations, the cost of streaming is a
problem because every new connection raises the cost.

The beauty of broadcast, which is why it keeps going, is that the cost
of listeners isn't tied to how many there are.  The budget for running
a transmit plant are relatively fixed and stable whether there are 10
listeners or millions.

> One bright spot for hams, with the demise of international short wave
> broadcasting, is that we should feel less pressure from broadcasting
> interests to commandeer our frequencies at future world radio conferences.

One of our worst enemies is ham magazine publishers who repeatedly run
articles on how great so-called stealth antennas are (hidden antennas)
and how gosh, you'd better be careful with that HF transmitter or
you'll suffer from RF EXPOSURE!!! (gasp!)

You'd think these nitwits would wake up and realize perpetuating a
completely unsubstantiated myth with utterly no scientific basis, is
handing a big cudgel to lawyers with whacko clients who want to get
rid of hams and their antennas.



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