[AMRadio] The Future Of AM Broadcast Radio + 1

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The "good old days" of the Cold War.  In high school, late 50's early 60's, used to listen to Radio Moscow and VOA on the S-85. Could hear them almost on a clip lead.  Of course, if you took the "news" from both, added it up and divided by 2, you got a reasonable idea of what was really going on in the world.  Now days, we have all the multiple methods of getting news and it seems at times that I need to do the same thing.

Mitch,  K9PNP 

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> Sometimes it does seem that this is the only guy broadcasting on SW.  I was
> tuning around 6 Mcs last night, and for a minute thought there was
> something horribly wrong with my receiver’s front end — he was
> Grant NQ5T

I guess  he's the new Radio Moscow.  Remember back in the Cold-War days how they transmitted a separate 60 dB over 9 signal every 15 kc/s all way across the entire 40m band?  :-)

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