[AMRadio] Petition to FCC for Lifetime licenses

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Feb 27 05:28:46 EST 2016

> I suspect I am not alone in agreeing with K9FH and doubtless the vast
> majority of those on this list. One of the prime reasons for "amateur"
radio is
> to promote learning and the way to do that is to construct apparatus.  And
> just how will the FCC determine that my transmitter is certified or home-
> made?  Enter the home and look at it? They don't have the staff to enforce
> the laws as-is leave alone enforce such nonsense.
> - Jim Tonne W4ENE

There already exist entry-level  classes of licence in UK, Australia and
Canada, that require the mandatory use of commercially-built equipment.  I'm
not sure how they enforce it.

Don k4kyv

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