[AMRadio] Kenwood TL-922 A, HF Amp FS

Ken, W8EK kenw8ek at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 12:30:10 EST 2016

For Sale:

NOS Kenwood TL-922 A, HF Amplifier

I know that NOS (New, but old stock) is usually used
for tubes, but in this case it applies to this amplifier.
To the best of my knowledge it has never been used.
I was told that it has been in the bedroom closet of a
climate controlled house, in its original box, for the
last seven years or so.  Prior to that, no one can remember
seeing it in use.  It does not even have any dust, which
is something that would happen even with a little use.

Although it is apparently new, unused, it is still on the
order of 20 years old.  Obviously it still has its original
filter capacitors which need to be replaced before use.
The outer box looks like it probably was moved a few
times, which corresponds to what I was told, as the
previous owner changed QTHs.

I can sell this unit in one of three ways:

1) As it presently is, in its original box, but needing new
filter capacitors, for $1000.  If you are handy and/or
would like to do your own work, this is the best option.
Obviously this is the easiest option for me.

2) I replace the filter capacitors and verify it works.
Cost would then be $1200.  This is the option that I
least prefer.

3) I replace not only the filter capacitors, but add a
glitch resistor in the B+, protective diodes where needed
(primarily in metering circuit and across relay coils),
change biasing of the tubes, and add a soft key circuit.
Cost would then be $1300.

Obviously, I would prefer pickup in the Ocala FL area,
very close to I-75.  Being that it has its original boxes, I
could ship, although it would be costly, which is obviously
not included in the above prices.

If you have been looking for a really terrific, pristine,
mint, TL-922 A, this is it.  Due to the many options, it
would be best to talk on the phone.  (352) 732-8400



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone  (352) 732-8400

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