[AMRadio] Freezing electrolytics and other stuff

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Sun Jan 3 17:11:50 EST 2016


Put a few Electrolytic caps in your freezer.  after a week or so, take 
out and test.

I'm going to do that myself, and then test to see if issues arise.

Regards, Bob

On 1/3/2016 3:39 PM, CL in NC via AMRadio wrote:
> Do to circumstances beyond my control, I am having to relocate my shop to another building.  Prior to this move, my shop was attached to the house and had some residual heat getting in that kept it OK, nothing like the temp swings now.  Right now I use a kerosene heater when I am out there working, but have been leaving a special type of electric heater on when I am not there when freezing temps are expected.  So far, the electric unit keeps the temp around 40 if it's 20 out, but a 8 cents a KWH, it will get pricey fast.   The building is insulated, but ran out of money to put siding on it yet, just insulation board and R13 fiberglass.  On the chance that power fails and it is zero outside, and other than a long time for tube gear oscillators to stabilize after turn on,  what are the effects of freezing temps on things like electrolytics?  I've got a couple pieces of higher end test equipment, a comm service monitor and a Tektronix 465M scope, any adverse effects on those?
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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