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> I don't think I have asked this here, have not received any input from a
> couple other groups, maybe somebody knows here.
> I have a mechanical drive for the tuning of an ARC 5 receiver with an
> extra output port.  It screws on the receiver like a normal right angle
> drive, takes the tuning cable from the control box, but it also has another
> output, or maybe input, shaft.  It could be used to tune two identical
> receivers with one control box, or maybe drive a remote tuning indicator at
> another spot in the aircraft for somebody that needed to know where the RX
> was tuned.  I can't find any thing about it or pictures of it in use.
> Maybe it is not even used on comm gear. It is identical to the normal right
> angle drive adapter, just in 'T' fashion.  Any ideas?

I'm not aware of such a beast for the Command set/ARC-5 family, Charlie.
Have you actually hooked it onto a receiver to see if it fits?

More likely it's a slightly larger thread to fit the RU-* family of
receivers. Have one at home, I can check the number when I get back.

The most common configuration I've seen them used for is dual operating
positions. For example, radioman and pilot. The center connected to the
receiver with a spline traveling from each side of the 'T' to one of the
operators to allow for tuning from either position using the MC-135 tuning
control. The only caveat is, one control requires a reverse-reading dial,
100-0 vs 0-100, since it rotates in the opposite direction. Complete radio
packages included both dials.

In reality, the T was generally redundant as the RU-receiver has a dual
spline port on the front below the tuning dial anyhow. There was a similar
pre-war Army receiver that may have utilized it better, the ARB as well.

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4

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