[AMRadio] Clearing Out Old Manuals - Epilog

manualman at juno.com manualman at juno.com
Thu Jan 7 14:59:19 EST 2016

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in my 2015 cleaning out old
manual sale.
The sale officially ended 1/6/16 and remaining old stuff has gone to
Some statistics:
272 e-mail requests for one or more items
62% of e-mail requests failed to provide address and/or ZIP (as
requested) to compute shipping which resulted in additional e-mails but
2 canceled.
4 received e-mail quotes and disappeared without an additional word.
Overall feedback seemed to be very positive on items received.
As I did last year, monies received in the sale were additionally matched
by me (ManualMan) and donated equally to three of my favorite national

Again, thanks to all, and hope you all have a healthy, happy, and
prosperous 2016.

Pete, wa2cwa

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