[AMRadio] FS - RCA BTA-250M, on 160M, Working

John P. Caldwell jcaldwell at rbcos.com
Tue Jan 12 16:07:16 EST 2016

I have a RCA BTA-250M transmitter w/ home brew speech amplifier available.
The 250M has a pair of 813’s modulating a pair of 813’s in the final
amplifier.  It’s early to mid 1950’s vintage.   It’s conservatively rated at
250W output and is operational on 160M.  The transmitter is in great
condition and includes the manual, along w/ some historic documentation and
misc parts.  The transmitter was last in commercial service on 910KHz in
Sioux Falls, S.D and was acquired by the SK I got it from in the mid 90’s.
It will easily move up to 75M if desired.  It’s got a 120/220VAC SINGLE
phase primary which makes it very easy to deal with compared to many
ex-commercial transmitters.  Generally, units 1KW and higher have 3 phase
inputs, making them useless to most of the ham community.

The BTA-250M is 84” tall and approx. 600 lbs net weight.  Two people can
manage it w/ an appliance cart.  I’m willing to travel and meet at a
reasonable distance for gas money if that helps.  I’m located about ½ way
between Cincinnati and Dayton so if you wanted to attend the Dayton
Hamvention in May, that’s an option to consider.  I’m also considering going
to Orlando next month, so delivery could be worked out depending on buyers

I’m asking $1200.  Trades considered.  Please contact me off-line for photos
and info.   <mailto:jcaldwell at rbcos.com> jcaldwell at rbcos.com 


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