[AMRadio] ARRL Petitions FCC to Reduce 75/80m Phone Allocation from 3600-4000 to 3650-4000

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jan 15 12:54:26 EST 2016

>> That begs the question ... how many folks use ACDS Mode ?
>> 3, 4 ?? What is it really used for ??

>> 73, Dick, W1KSZ

> One use is a mode called Winlink.  Basically a wireless internet
connection via amateur radio.  
> Used by well-to-do yachtsmen cruising the Caribbean, who are nevertheless
too cheap to 
> subscribe to a commercial satellite-based internet service.

Go to  (copy/paste entire link into your browser address bar to circumvent
any disabling line break):

(Quoting from above link)  " I have a HAM Extra license (but have never
really used it for voice, only got it to legally send email over the

That about says it all, right there. 

(Continuing quote) "...I finally have a boat with an ICOM IC-M700Pro which
works fine for email via HAM and SAILMAIL. I'm told by previous owner that
the radio is unlocked for HAM.

How can I prove/check this? Where can I go to find a list of HAM only (or
since I have the HAM frequencies, where can I go to find the SSB only ones
as that would also allow me to answer the question) frequencies. I'm
assuming there is some overlap.

I figure once i know a HAM ONLY frequency I can simply attempt to transmit
and it will either work, or not. If not, I still need to get radio unlocked
(which would be my NEXT problem). Just to confirm, I DO have a ham license
(AI4QI) and am legal to transmit."

(reply to above) "Your ham course study material should have a list of the
ham bands; alternately you can find them all over the 'net, but (since
stopping here wouldn't be much use to anyone), try one of the nets on

See the previous thread regarding Extra Class. If it isn't enough to be a
licensed Extra for a quarter-century and never figure out how a simple
half-wave coax-fed dipole works, an Extra class operator (whose licence,
according to QRZ.com lookup, is about to expire), not knowing what the ham
frequencies are, or which frequencies are legal for transmitting SSB, has to
be the straw that broke the camel's back.

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