[AMRadio] Modulator question

Jim Tonne Tonne at Comcast.net
Sun Jan 31 07:30:34 EST 2016

If the screen voltage is derived from a tap on the primary
on the output transformer, NO bypass to ground from the
screen.   The dead giveaway on that is the triangular
waveform appearance.   That means the load is capacitive
and this can be caused by a capacitance somewhere,
either on the secondary or the primary.

Remove the capacitor from each of the screens to ground.

- Jim Tonne W4ENE

On 1/31/2016 1:12 AM, Paul Baldock wrote:
> At 09:15 PM 1/30/2016, Jim Candela wrote:
>> power. Perhaps try bypassing the screen tap with a bypass capacitor, 
>> like 50 mfd or so.
> It's bipased with 390uF

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