[AMRadio] Thordarson T-19M17

John P. Caldwell jcaldwell at rbcos.com
Sun Jan 31 09:17:21 EST 2016

On 1/28/16 3:07 PM, Oliver Steiner wrote:

> Fellow AMers,


> I have a Thordarson T-19M17 Modulation transformer. I have the

> literature which tells me which terminals to connect to for my

> particular tubes and class C load. However ***which terminal number

> goes with each of the unlabeled terminals??*** There are 4 horizontal

> rows with 3 terminals on each row. Is terminal #1 the upper left

> terminal?? Does it then go left to right: 1,2,3 in the top row, 4,5,6

> in the 2nd row etc.?? I have a hand written diagram (by someone who

> previously used this transformer) which looks really strange.-It shows

> the top horizontal row as being terminal numbers 7,9,12. Going by this

> possibly erroneous info, I'm not getting B+ to the final amp, so I

> think this strange numbering must be wrong. I would be most grateful

> to receive the correct info.




There are probably additional numbered leads in addition to those you can
see, under the end bells.  You can contact Thordarson at 702-566-0800 and
they'll help you out.





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