[AMRadio] Fw: Fwd: [arrl-odv:25480] FAA Reauthorization Act H.R. 636, short tower regulation

ARS W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 17:54:08 EDT 2016

So, "adjacent to" could mean on the same property that which is occupied by
a building or structure. Up to 200' on your 10 acre lot should be
sufficient,  right?

>   5. Towers that are excluded are those: (a) “adjacent” to a house, barn,
electric utility station, or other building; (b) within the curtilage of a
farmstead; (c) which support electric utility transmission or distribution
lines; (d) wind-powered electrical generators with a rotor blade radius
that exceeds 6 feet; or (e) street lights erected or maintained by a
Federal, State, local, or tribal entity.

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