[AMRadio] Fw: Fwd: [arrl-odv:25480] FAA Reauthorization Act H.R. 636, short tower regulation

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Jul 20 13:24:07 EDT 2016

> This definition will depend greatly on the interpretation by the FAA lawyers
> and the Administrator's staff.  That is what is frightening.
> Jim
> W5JO

"Career civil servants" as they like to call themselves, speak and write a different version of the English language than the rest of us do .  Their definitions and meanings of words aren't necessarily the same as what's in the dictionary.

Imlay says the ARRL was 'blindsided' by this just like the rest of us. I suspect so was the cell phone industry; it's not going to be cheap for them to paint, light and maintain all those 100' monopoles.  They have deeper pockets than the ARRL or the broadcast industry, so they might be able lobby for changes, although there is no guarantee that any of their proposed changes would benefit us.

Last week, the bill passed in the Senate by a vote of 89-4 and passed unanimously in the House.  Obama signed it this past Friday.
http://unmanned-aerial.com/obama-signs-faa-extension-safety-and-security-act-of-2016/  (you'll probably have to copy/paste this url without the line break into your browser)

This was quietly pushed through unannounced as fine print in the annual routine FAA annual appropriations bill, and given that this strongly divided congress can't agree or compromise on anything the least bit controversial, the fact that it passed unanimously in the House says that few, if any of the representatives who voted, actually read the bill.

This looks like the result of a joint lobbying effort by crop dusters and drone aircraft interests, and they have kept it under wraps so that no-one else even suspected anything was in the works, even catching the cell phone industry by surprise; surely they would have counter-lobbied hard in congress and made a big issue about this had they known, since it affects them a lot more than it does hams and small broadcast operations.

Don k4kyv

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