[AMRadio] FAA Reauthorization Act H.R. 636, short tower regulation

Robert Bethman oldrotorheadsarge at outlook.com
Sat Jul 23 20:12:49 EDT 2016

This one is stuck directly next to a long row of houses, and I am sure those folks don't want the dang thing there no matter how it looks.
Regards, Bob Bethman

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> All due consideration is also that cellphone towers/poles have a large 
> number of them NOW disguised as TREES.
> This has been done in an attempt to appease the public so that they 
> aren't such an eyesore in neighborhoods.
> There is one just up the road from me.  Although it has a "tree
> the darn thing is still an eyesore.
> Regards, Bob Bethman

The ones who complain the loudest about those 'unsightly' cell phone towers probably walk (or drive) round all day with a mobile phone glued to their ear or their eyes glued to a smartphone screen.

Don k4kyv 

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