[AMRadio] Cell towers (was FAA Reauthorization Act H.R. 636, short tower regulation)

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Here in Manassas, VA  Verizon has shifted ALL copper lines to fiber optic service. We still keep the house phone even though both the XYL and I have cell phones.  To use them in the house we connect to the Verizon Wi-Fi router.  It keeps the data usage way down.
This system has a battery backup that will last for 8 hours in the event of power loss.  I weaseled the Installation Tech out of an additional battery to swap in and out.  This way I have at least 16 hours of use. That being said, it is extremely rare for this neighborhood to have power outages.  All power here is underground.
We used to use Comcrap for our ISP.  They got way out of whack with charges and pathetic service.  We went with Verizon for our ISP and everything runs geat!
We use AT&T for cell use. Not our choice, as our daughter has us on her plan.  It has been great!
Regards, Bob

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I know Verizon sold all its assets that were not wireless to Frontier recently. Service which was marginal has gotten worse. I had to wait 7 days for a service tech to show up to repair a POTS line at one of my transmitter sites. It was so noisy I couldn't "talk" to the Burk remote control, then it went permanently busy I had to go out to the site one stormy night and diagnose the problem and try to get it at least usable which I did by removing the carbon surge suppressors from the demark (bad idea I know) because even that hi Z load was enough to busy the line out. I reported the problem that night and it was 7 days before the tech showed up, and he was on loan from the construction division.
As far as people not wanting the infrastructure for their modern conveniences, to quote an old friend, "You can't F with Physics"!Bill AD5OL

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