[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

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Hi Charlie! I got rid of the landline about 3 years ago when the AT&T bill 
was almost $75 and the only people who called me on it were telemarketers. I 
agree that the quality of the cellphone audio is very poor but it has 
nothing to do with the microphone rather mostly because it is 100% digitized 
with some pretty stiff filters applied. Another factor is that it isn't a 
one-to-one connection as was the landline. The digital voice data is sent 
and received much like a network where all is time sliced and shared so you 
get bits and pieces at times... On the bright side, there are very few 
conversations on my cellphone that I care much about the quality of the 
audio. That's why most of my "phone" exchanges are as text messages...  And, 
I have an extra $60/month to spend on my hobbies... hi hi


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My land line runs about $40 a month for just phone service plus the cheapest 
AT&T long distance option.  Along with the usual cordless phones in the 
house, I still have a couple rotary dial sets, which are the only ones that 
work during a power outage.  I have yet to find any cell phone of any type 
that can meet the audio quality of a landline pushbutton or rotary phone.  I 
hear dead quiet in my landline, but the cell is full of beeps and burps and 
an occasional part of a voice from somewhere else when in use. While they 
have put quality cameras in cell phones now, a better mic might improve 
things. The issue now is the masses that have no idea what a quality phone 
connection sounds like, and apparently don't really care.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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