[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

Steve WA1QIX wa1qix at piesky.com
Mon Jul 25 16:02:35 EDT 2016

I still have a landline here, but it costs over $100/month because I 
want call forwarding and caller ID (which are both expensive).

Have been considering dropping it, but I do like the reliability.

However, recently I got a "cable" (Comcast) delivered phone - 
converted a 2nd land line I had over to the Comcast phone service - 
kept the same number, etc.  THAT service is of VERY high quality - 
better than the land line, in fact.  It's DEAD silent (no hum, etc) 
the audio is clean and the frequency response is quite 
reasonable.  And it's significantly less expensive.

Could be an option, I suppose.  During a power outage, you would have 
to keep your local cable interface powered up, or obviously your 
phones would die.  The box I got has a battery which will keep it 
alive for some amount of time (don't know how long).

At 02:24 PM 7/24/2016, CL in NC via AMRadio wrote:
>My land line runs about $40 a month for just phone service plus the 
>cheapest AT&T long distance option.  Along with the usual cordless 
>phones in the house, I still have a couple rotary dial sets, which 
>are the only ones that work during a power outage.  I have yet to 
>find any cell phone of any type that can meet the audio quality of a 
>landline pushbutton or rotary phone.  I hear dead quiet in my 
>landline, but the cell is full of beeps and burps and an occasional 
>part of a voice from somewhere else when in use. While they have put 
>quality cameras in cell phones now, a better mic might improve 
>things. The issue now is the masses that have no idea what a quality 
>phone connection sounds like, and apparently don't really care.
>Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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