[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

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The old farmer finally gave in and had a phone installed. One day while another farmer was visiting, the phone rang, the owner ignored it. The other asked, "Aren't you going to answer that?" "Nope" came the reply, "I had that put in for my convenience". I feel the same way about my cell phone, I seldom carry the thing.

Bill - K5MIL

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> I refuse to have a cell phone conversation that lasts longer than a
> minute or two.  To me it is a tool to transmit information like "I'll
> meet you at two at the supermarket."  not much more than that.  Any
> real phone call for me has to be on a land line.

Agreed. I recently had to convert my old flip phone because they are no
longer going to support 2G. The replacement lacks coverage in some areas,
so I bit the bullet and went with a new 'smart' phone (a promise I'd made
the wife a while back anyway). You should've seen the Verizon wireless
salesman when he saw my old phone. He couldn't understand the concept of
using a phone just as a phone. Told him I have a laptop for emailing, much
easier to read and more comfortable to use. Cell phone is seldom on, only
when I want to use it. Otherwise it becomes an electronic leash like a

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