[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Tue Jul 26 15:01:32 EDT 2016

On 7/26/16 1:47 PM, Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 7:32 PM, Rob Atkinson <ranchorobbo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed. I recently had to convert my old flip phone because they are no
> longer going to support 2G. The replacement lacks coverage in some areas,
> so I bit the bullet and went with a new 'smart' phone (a promise I'd made
> the wife a while back anyway). You should've seen the Verizon wireless
> salesman when he saw my old phone. He couldn't understand the concept of
> using a phone just as a phone. Told him I have a laptop for emailing, much
> easier to read and more comfortable to use. Cell phone is seldom on, only
> when I want to use it. Otherwise it becomes an electronic leash like a
> pager.

I don't have a cell phone at all, and Elaine has a clamshell phone like 
your old one. She only uses it as a phone, although it is possible to 
connect to and browse the internet on it (but not in any practical way). 
Elaine sometimes loans me the phone when I go to a hamfest without her.
> Copper landlines have become very expensive to maintain due to the
> migration to cellphones. Frontier took over all of Verizon's lines down in
> NC. With DSL I think we were paying around $68/month.

Sounds about right - I pay $67/month for the landline and DSL package, 
which includes unlimited long-distance within the US, all provided 
through a small local company.


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