[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 12:40:09 EDT 2016

> **** What's a Verizon fake land-line?

It's one of those bogus computer phones that pretends to be analog but
does an A to D and your phone call is really VOIP.

> **** With above ground telephone lines, which are subjected to more
> weathering, cross talk is not uncommon. Cross-talk during the winter
> months, with snow clinging to wires up on the poles and water/snow
> leakage into the cross-connect boxes, was always a problem. I could have
> multiple conversations without having to dial any numbers by just lifting
> the handset.

I have never in my life come anywhere close to that except for a few
years in the early 1970s when my parents were on an 8 party line.  our
ring was two shorts and a long.  you had to get used to people
listening in.  Now people have their phone conversations anywhere
standing right next to you at the store and out in the open, so today
a party line would probably be fine with most.


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