[AMRadio] Landline vs cell

Mike - WZ5Q wz5q at wz5q.net
Thu Jul 28 06:56:30 EDT 2016

> Irony..Hams arguing for wired vs wireless

That gave me a chuckle.

     In my memories, the ones that I can actually remember, we had South 
Central Bell down in the Swamps of Southern Louisiana. The service was 
always great. The line was dead quite with hardly ever any other 
problems. When the Horrorcanes would blow thru and knock out the power 
for weeks on end, we usually always had the landline available for use.
     On the rare occasion we did have a problem, service was always 
prompt. I was always amazed at the depth of knowledge the technicians 
possessed. Most of those guys were pretty smart cookies on many 
different facets.
     Telephone Quality and Service started a gradual downhill slope in 
the Swamps when BellSouth took over operations in the 80's. The slope 
steepened quite a bit in the 90's and the Technicians were not of the 
same caliber as experienced in the past. When we finally sold the River 
House last year, phone Quality and Service was just horrid. We were 
paying $45.00 a month for basic service with Caller ID, and the Long 
Distance was like $.05 a minute.
     I have no landline at the new QTH. I never really liked talking on 
the phone, it was used for business, logistics, emergencies, or very 
short conversations. I am pretty much the same way with the cell phone. 
I mainly carry it for logistics and emergencies.
     I must admit though, it seems I am now "texting" more these days. I 
got sucked into this new thing about a year ago when I got a replacement 
phone that had that capability and businesses/people started to send me 
texts. The GPS is pretty neat too, it can be quite convenient sometimes. 
Then there is the almighty Google...



On 7/28/2016 12:06 AM, Ross Stenberg wrote:
> Irony..Hams arguing for wired vs wireless
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