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Fri Jul 29 20:21:37 EDT 2016

The Oklahoma City hamfest, Ham Holiday, is an example of what you say.  In 
the past 10 years they have moved so many times that I call them gypsies. 
About 10 years back they were in a State Fairgrounds building that allowed 
people to drive in and unload, now you better bring some sort of conveyance 
to move what you want to sell.

Attendance is less than half of what it was 10 years back, probably 150 vs. 
around 500 in the past.  Poor performance, but the people running the clubs 
involved are not worried about heavy equipment.  It doesn't take much to 
move a 2 meter rig from the car to a table.


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Even if they do find a good place, hopefully a better one, I predict 
attendance will drop precipitously.  I've  seen it happen before; a longtime 
hamfest changes venue and it takes years, if ever, for attendance to fully 
Don k4kyv

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