[AMRadio] HARA Arena to close

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Fri Jul 29 20:24:46 EDT 2016

> The only danger is if a new location costs enough to where they have to
> the fee for a flea market spot, turning off some sellers of parts.  The
> good stuff from my experience comes from individuals and clubs or groups
> hams, liquidating one or two SK estates.  If they go too high dollar fancy
> a professional trade
> show) and regular hams selling old parts are turned off then it will be
> pointless to go except maybe for a day to socialize.
> Rob  K5UJ

It had almost got to be that way some years ago when attendance was up to
35k and you had to register for a flea market space weeks ahead of time to
get a spot.  That drove away the individuals and groups who, at the last
minute, would grab a bunch of old stuff and rent a space on the spot.  The
result was that the flea market became populated almost entirely by
professional  hamfesters who came to make money, with fewer individual hams
coming just to give their surplus inventory a good home. I remember a couple
of years going back home with everything I bought stuffed into one shopping

When attendance began to drop off with flea market spaces remaining empty, I
noticed an uptick in parts and other interesting stuff, and I have been
coming back home with more.

Don k4kyv

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