[AMRadio] The HARA HOORAH finally

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jul 30 10:24:56 EDT 2016

> Exploding latrines, sewage bubbling up from the street, all the inside
> bathrooms closed, and a battalion of Port-O-Lets for the masses, year
> year.  Why did it take so long?  Where ever they plan to go, hope all the
> plumbing works.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC

That happened only ONE year as far as I know; I was there to see it.  Except
for the poor flea market vendors unfortunate enough to be located right in
the path of the stream, it was kind of hilarious.  They were able to get it
cleaned up within an hour or so and it was back to business as usual, except
maybe for the unfortunate flea  market vendors.

I go (or maybe I should say 'went') mainly for the flea market, not to enjoy
luxury toilet facilities.  After the first few hours, I usually found the
outdoor Joy-Johns more inviting than the indoor facilities, because Hammy
Hambone there before me either hadn't flushed, or else he used it to discard
something unintended, that clogged up the pipe.  They had maintenance people
on hand, but after a while they couldn't keep up with the task.  Not unique
to HARA; I've seen exactly the same thing many times at other  large public

Probably 30-50% of the stuff in my station came from the Dayton flea market.
I can't rejoice at its closing.

Don k4kyv

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