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Sat Jul 30 12:42:20 EDT 2016

Kudos to "the old philosopher of Woodlawn, TN"  for his honest appraisal of
Dayton over the decades.

It matches my thoughts exactly. (Dayton as a kid since 1957)

Perry   w8au

At 10:24 AM 7/30/2016, Donald Chester wrote:
> > Exploding latrines, sewage bubbling up from the street, all the inside
> > bathrooms closed, and a battalion of Port-O-Lets for the masses, year
> > year.  Why did it take so long?  Where ever they plan to go, hope all the
> > plumbing works.
> >
> > Charlie, W4MEC in NC
>That happened only ONE year as far as I know; I was there to see it.  Except
>for the poor flea market vendors unfortunate enough to be located right in
>the path of the stream, it was kind of hilarious.  They were able to get it
>cleaned up within an hour or so and it was back to business as usual, except
>maybe for the unfortunate flea  market vendors.
>I go (or maybe I should say 'went') mainly for the flea market, not to enjoy
>luxury toilet facilities.  After the first few hours, I usually found the
>outdoor Joy-Johns more inviting than the indoor facilities, because Hammy
>Hambone there before me either hadn't flushed, or else he used it to discard
>something unintended, that clogged up the pipe.  They had maintenance people
>on hand, but after a while they couldn't keep up with the task.  Not unique
>to HARA; I've seen exactly the same thing many times at other  large public
>Probably 30-50% of the stuff in my station came from the Dayton flea market.
>I can't rejoice at its closing.
>Don k4kyv
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