[AMRadio] Hundreds of Heathkit Manuals available for free Download

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Jun 6 16:52:43 EDT 2016

Here is the link to a Heathkit schematic and manual archive online. Due to
copyright issues the manuals keep disappearing off US websites, but this one
is located outside US copyright jurisdiction. The URL below will take you to
an archive you can download from, free of charge.  One catch: to avoid
overwhelming the site, there is a limit of five different files per 30
minute period.

Gary, W7FG (SK) who ran a manual distribution business, defied the alleged
purchaser of the Heathkit rights, after a customer who worked at a copyright
attorney's office advised him the claims were bogus and that he should
ignore them, so he continued to sell copies of the manuals;  reportedly they
are still on the site.
Although a successful legal challenge would be highly unlikely, others have
nevertheless removed the manuals from their websites to avoid any hassles or
legal expenses, given this was a service they were offering for free and
gaining nothing in return.

Some of the manuals on this site are incomplete, and some may consist only
of the schematic. Many of the "partial" manuals include everything except
the step-by-step assembly instructions, which would be of little value to
most users anyway.  The owner of the site asks that if anyone has anything
to add, including files on manuals not in the archives or missing pages from
ones on the list, to please email paul (at) vintage-radio (dot) info 


Don k4kyv

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