[AMRadio] Hundreds of Heathkit Manuals available for free Download

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Mon Jun 6 22:48:30 EDT 2016

Their web site does indicate at the bottom that "All documents are
assumed to be copyright". Since Heathkit had a manufacturing and
distribution presence in the United Kingdom, "located outside US
copyright jurisdiction" could maybe add a wrinkle if litigation was ever
to be pursued. Downloaders may also not be immune since IP Addresses
generally are recorded/saved at the web site or ISP or both.

Gary sold his manual business in the Fall of 2006 so what you said is
confusing. The name and web site address were retained for awhile by the
new owners and then changed to Vintage Manuals. In the Fall of 2008,
Heathkit Company sold their Legacy Manual Duplication and Distribution
business to Data Professionals including all rights and assets of this
business. The Heathkit Legacy Manual Duplication and Distribution
business had been run as part of the Heath Educational business. Prior to
this, all Copyrights, Trademarks, intellectual properties, etc. were
always owned by the Heathkit Company (aka Heath Company). Several years
later when Heathkit declared bankruptcy, all Heathkit/Heath Company
remaining assets, Copyrights, Trademarks, intellectual properties, etc.
were then sold at auction.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Mon, 6 Jun 2016 15:52:43 -0500 "Donald Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>
> Here is the link to a Heathkit schematic and manual archive online. 
> Due to
> copyright issues the manuals keep disappearing off US websites, but 
> this one
> is located outside US copyright jurisdiction. The URL below will 
> take you to
> an archive you can download from, free of charge.  One catch: to 
> avoid
> overwhelming the site, there is a limit of five different files per 
> 30
> minute period.
> Gary, W7FG (SK) who ran a manual distribution business, defied the 
> alleged
> purchaser of the Heathkit rights, after a customer who worked at a 
> copyright
> attorney's office advised him the claims were bogus and that he 
> should
> ignore them, so he continued to sell copies of the manuals;  
> reportedly they
> are still on the site.
>> Don k4kyv

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