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Wattmeters and SWR Bridges For Sale:

YS-60 Peak Reading Wattmeter

The Yaesu YS-60 is a compact, peak-reading SWR/Power meter
with measurement accuracy of better than 10%. This meter is
different than most, since it really reads PEP power. It has an
electronic circuit to properly capture the peak power, unlike
most peak meters which simply put a capacitor across the
meter. Of course it can also read average power.

Insertion loss is only 0.1 dB with a power limit of 700W on 160
meters and 1000W from 3.5 to 60 MHz . It has 50 ohm input
and output impedances, with rear panel SO-239 input and
output jacks.

It has red & black wires for the required 13.8 (11-15) V DC at
200 mA. Power is needed not only for the lighted meter, but for
the electronic circuitry to read peak power. It can be used to
measure SWR without 13 V DC.

This meter really works great. I would keep it if I did not have
an LP-100 A! With paper work for $80.

Royce Model 2-100 SWR Bridge
This is what I think of when I think of an HF SWR Bridge.
SO-239 connectors on each end, and a meter at one end.
It is in good condition, both electrically and cosmetically. $17

Hawk H-3000 SWR Bridge
This HF SWR bridge is relatively small, so would be ideal
for mobile or portable use.
It works fine and looks fine. $15

M C Jones "Micro Match" MM-1:

The "Micro Match" is one of the very, very early SWR bridges.
It is made by M C Jones Electronics of Bristol, Conn. I do not
know the exact vintage, but would guess in the 1940's or 50's.
The MM-1 is certainly related to the more common Model 261,
262, and 263 units. Paper work from them is included, since
they are similar.

This unit has both SO-239 and BNC connectors on each side, in
parallel, so that either can be used. A toggle switch is on top
(for forward/reflected power), with a range switch on the left,
and SWR adjust control on the right, and the meter in the middle.

Own this vintage piece of equipment for only $20.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, HF, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, etc.
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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