[AMRadio] Band Plan

w5jo at brightok.net w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Mar 24 15:12:07 EDT 2016

The ARRL is asking for comments about the upcoming IARU region 2 band plan 

AM is mentioned in the plan and bandwidth is set at 6 Kc.  Here is a link to 
the IARU website with a download of the plan.  Those interested can take a 
look and it would be good if we all started to work on the ARRL now.  You 
are aware they have filed a proposal to shrink the 80 meter phone privileges 
and give the space to digital.  No one can really tell why they are doing 
that given the lack of activity on the current digital space.  If you look 
at the table there is no mention of AM specifically, only in the definitions 
and is placed under "all modes".

So to, maybe, have a positive impact on the proposal,we must start early.




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