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Thomas Chesek tchesek at ptd.net
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You might never know if your comments make a difference.  Did someone ever
offer you an opinion that you initially dismissed but later on thought it
was a good idea?  During the ARRL 100th Anniversary I wrote the QST editor
an email asking if it would be possible to publish an article regarding the
nuts and bolts of how the 100th ARRL Portable WAS event was coordinated.  I
was curious how they enlisted operators, what equipment was required etc..
I received what I call the usual blah blah blah answer as to how much work
it would be to have such a story and nothing was being planned along that
line.  Funny thing, later in the year just such an article appeared in QST.
I would like to think that my message and probably others who had the same
idea had an impact on them following through with writing an article.


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After several decades writing the ARRL about various things, I have figured
out that, like politicians, they give lip service to anything you wish to
discuss.  There are one or two ARRL elites that monitor traffic on this
site, but they learn nothing.  An answer to an email I sent about my
concerns over the ARRL and QST generated a one line answer from the female
president assuring me that they think everything is just fine with
everything the ARRL does or publishes.

Think I'll go pull on Superman's cape and spit into the wind, since the the
results would be alot greater than thinking I or anybody else have any
effective input over the plans of the League.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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