[AMRadio] WRL 755A VFO

w5jo at brightok.net w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Mar 26 19:22:24 EDT 2016

I wonder how much of the manual you need?  I have a construction manual and 
several pages devoted to construction.

There is very little difference between the 755 and 755A manuals, most of 
which is
the power supply, adding a choke in place of the resistor between the two
electrolytic capacitors terminals.  The other difference is the value of the
temperature compensating resistors, chosen for each VFO at construction.

What is your pleasure?  Do you need it all?


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From: Donovan W. Case

Hello group,

I wanted to ask if anyone would happen to have a pdf of the manual for a
Globe 755A.  I understand it is different than the 755.  The 755 seems to be
the only one available on the BAMA website.  I am planning to use it with a
Globe Scout 65 I recently purchased.

Thanks for your help!




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