[AMRadio] 250 Audio Amplifier FS

Jim Hill hro5-2 at cox.net
Thu May 12 01:14:25 EDT 2016

I'm selling a Beachmaster 250 watt audio amplifier.  It's a WW2 
amplifier originally used with a PE75 and a bank of loudspeakers to 
communicate with the troops in WW2 battlefield conditions.  Output 
tubes are 805's and rectifiers are 836's.  Price is (almost) right 
with an ebay minimum bid of $5.00 and no takers, so far.  It could be 
the basis of a modulator, providing power supply, input transformer, 
big tubes, etc., Unfortunately no modulation transformer is 
available.  It is pick-up only at my home in the Los Angeles area

I'm surprised about the lack of response.  I took some really doggie 
audio amps to the TRW swap meet about a year ago and was mobbed by 
they audio guys.  Some looked into other boxes in my pickup over my 
protests until they were personally satisfied that the boxes 
contained no electronic equipment.  At 180 lbs, it is too heavy for 
an old guy like me and my old friends to move to the swap meet.

Jim, w6ivw

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