[AMRadio] 250 Audio Amplifier FS

Jim Hill hro5-2 at cox.net
Sat May 14 00:11:23 EDT 2016

Rob: Thanks for your answer.  I thought a large metropolitan area 
like Los Angeles would provide enough potential buyers to get some 
bids.   I might get some snipe bids at the last moment, but probably 
not.  I think I'll part it out; and sell the power supply and tubes 
separately, keep other miscellaneous parts, and see if I can sell the 
cabinet to a scrap metal dealer.  If not, there is always the yearly 
free bulky waste pickup .  Hopefully, I can pack the power supply parts.

I'm having another problem, I'm not getting any recent posts from 
AMRadio, including my last two.  The last two received are from 
Donald Chester on 2/13 and Ken W8EK on 4/13/16.  I subscribed using a 
different email address.  I'll see what happens.

At 03:22 AM 5/12/2016, you wrote:
>You might have your best chance at a hamfest.  I looked at the photos
>of the amp.  The reason it isn't getting any attention on eBay is that
>most audio gear  on eBay only gets a lot of action if it is really
>nice looking and ready to put on a table and fire up and start
>operating.  The rich eBay crowd who pay the high prices don't want to
>get their hands dirty doing any work on something.  Also, they often
>don't know which end of a soldering iron to hold and are 100% plug and
>play consumers.   snip.
>On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 12:14 AM, Jim Hill <hro5-2 at cox.net> wrote:
> > I'm selling a Beachmaster 250 watt audio amplifier.  It's a WW2 amplifier
> > originally used with a PE75 and a bank of loudspeakers to communicate with
> > the troops in WW2 battlefield conditions.  Output tubes are 805's and
> > rectifiers are 836's.  Price is (almost) right with an ebay minimum bid of
> > $5.00 and no takers, so far.  It could be the basis of a modulator,
> > providing power supply, input transformer, big tubes, etc., 
> Unfortunately no
> > modulation transformer is available.  It is pick-up only at my home in the
> > Los Angeles area
> > See
> > 
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/250-watt-High-Power-Audio-Amplifier-/282031881900>http://www.ebay.com/itm/250-watt-High-Power-Audio-Amplifier-/282031881900?
> >
> > I'm surprised about the lack of response.  I took some really doggie audio
> > amps to the TRW swap meet about a year ago and was mobbed by they audio
> > guys.  Some looked into other boxes in my pickup over my protests 
> until they
> > were personally satisfied that the boxes contained no electronic equipment.
> > At 180 lbs, it is too heavy for an old guy like me and my old friends to
> > move to the swap meet.
> >
> > Jim, w6ivw
> >

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