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Hi Patrick,

If you plan to use the Apache on AM there is no end to the modifications 
that you can find.  I will let others tell you of them and urge you to 
assess them before doing them.  You should decide what kind of audio 
response you want as the Apache was designed to limit the audio, which 
limits the bandwidth, in an era of transition to SSB.

As for the activity in Texas, OK, LA, AR, you will find activity on 3.890 in 
the mornings around 6 or so and evenings.  Most of the stations on those 
frequencies are from your area and would be glad to have you join in.  You 
will find activity on 7.160 which requires an Advanced or Extra license so 
look at 7.290/95 for AM in the daytime.  The 40 meter band has been long 
lately so no telling who you will find.

Have fun and if you want or need help then find Jim, WD5JKO who lives in 
Round Rock.  He is a respected AM operator and a very nice guy.



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I just purchased a Heathkit  Apache TX-1 that's in good shape. The only
issue appears to be an AC hum on the CW signal. I assume that the caps need

Any other suggestions (things to look for/check) as I work to bring this
boat anchor back to life?

Also, are there any AM nets in Texas, Central Texas?


73's de

Amateur Radio Station


Patrick Rogers

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