[AMRadio] 80/40M K7DYY Super Senior

GRANT YOUNGMAN nq5t at tx.rr.com
Sat May 28 14:56:55 EDT 2016

Early last year I ordered an 80/40M Super Senior.  By the time it was built and arrived in June 2015, we had decided to relocate from Dallas, TX to Savannah, GA.  The shack and antennas were already being torn down and packed, and as it's turned out, I'm moving into a townhome community on Wilmington Island, GA with nasty and radio-unfriendly CC&R's.  I had a good 25 years in antenna friendly country, but now it's her turn … I'm learning to love battery powered QRP on a picnic bench or camp table with mostly invisible antennas :-)    But I'll likely never have an opportunity to make good use of the SS.  

So … I have a virtually new and unused SS for sale.  On the air exactly 3 times before the last of the antennas came down a week after I got the radio.  I cannot find the cable with the 4-pin mic connector on it for audio input, so it will also cost you a couple of bucks for a connector.  I do have the 8-pin aux connector, but you may have to rewire it depending on whether your muting system needs NO or NC contacts.  And all original docs.

$1160 shipped with Paypal — or $1100 cash for local DF/W pickup or delivery at Ham-Com.

Grant NQ5T

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