WB2AHK at aol.com WB2AHK at aol.com
Wed Oct 5 18:48:19 EDT 2016

Up until the  last 6 months, i, for 18  years i operated  an  AM 
transmitter remotely .   The  transmitter was operated on a STL link. 
  My Receiving  spot was seven miles away from  the transmitter and it was  
a AM only receiver, seven  land miles from the transmitter.    From time to 
time  and over the years many SSB  only stations have called  me.   
Obviously using a AM only receiver i could not understand them  very well with them 
sending no carrier.  But, however, 100% of the  time i could hear them 
perfectly as if they were operating on AM  when i  applied my seven miles away  
from meAM carrier.   Yes ,  my Am receiver at my remote site was quite 
happy.     Chet

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