[AMRadio] SW station on 28.947

w5jo at brightok.net w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Oct 9 23:38:10 EDT 2016

All of their stations are a very long way from me so I question the strength 
to be mixing products in the receiver.  Possible but highly unlikely and it 
is an IC-7300.

Having looked at all the possibilities earlier, the only option I can 
imagine is mixing with the one local AM station near me, a 1 KW station 
about 35 miles away.  It is 1240.


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They list 9605; the 3rd harmonic would be 28.815, and 9625; the 3rd harmonic 
would be 28.875.

28.947 would be the 3rd harmonic of 9649, an unlikely frequency, but 9650 
would be  close.

Don k4kyv

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